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Keith A. Glanzer P.S. Spokane Attorney, Spokane Lawyer, Divorce Lawyer & Family Law. The law firm of Keith A. Glanzer, P.S. was formed in 1991 in Spokane, Washington. For Any Legal Questions call 509-326-4526
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Attorney Articles

  • Seattle Personal Injury Attorney Reveals Secrets for Your Auto Accident Injury Claim
    (Tue Dec 1st, 2009, by pankaj1)
    In my experience representing thousands of injured victims, I believe that there is no such thing as a “perfect” case. Each one has its challenges to overcome and requires hard work no matter the size.  My book, “Straight Talk Law: The Truth A...
  • Attorney Questions & Answers
    (Tue Dec 1st, 2009, by lawfaq)
    54 million dollar lawsuit over pants.?Is this the definition of frivilous or something worse? Terrible, the state bar should strip the judge of his law license. I'm not an attorney, but hold a state-i...
  • Will You Need A Fleet Phospho Soda Attorney?
    (Tue Dec 1st, 2009, by Rss41)
    In December 2008, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning against the use of Fleet Phospho Soda, an over-the-counter laxative. In connection to this, Visicola and OsmoPrep, the prescription versions of the drug were required to use the blac...
  • My Only Criminal Attorney Experience
    (Tue Nov 24th, 2009, by Adriana N.)
    I grew up wanting to be a criminal attorney. I changed my mind after my first DUI case. I went to a small unaccredited law school. This meant I could take the bar exam but I would not have the job offers graduates from ABA accredited schools would ge...
  • How a Criminal Defense Attorney Helps You With Identity Theft Charges
    (Sun Nov 22nd, 2009, by Colin Daives)
    Even before the invention of the Internet, identity theft crime was a problem for millions of people. Now that the Internet flows into millions of homes around the world, online identity theft is running rampant and new laws are passed every year to ...
  • Several Reasons People Should Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney Before Being Charged
    (Thu Nov 19th, 2009, by Colin Daives)
    People are arrested for many different reasons and the first thing they should do after being arrested is call a criminal defense attorney. However, people usually wait to see what kinds of charges they are facing before hiring an attorney. This is a...
  • Hire a Business Litigation Attorney
    (Wed Nov 18th, 2009, by roby john)
    If you are running a business, you need a business attorney to help you with all kinds of legal issues and effectively make your business run smoothly. A business litigation attorney looks after the business and deals with government regulators, new ...
  • Choosing the Right Attorney For You
    (Wed Nov 18th, 2009, by Mitch Gleason)
    When people are faced with a legal situation is can be very scary and often individuals will turn to the first opportunity for help that they can find. Choosing an attorney, though, should be a process that is not rushed and the decision should be an...
  • Why do I Need a DUI Attorney?
    (Mon Nov 16th, 2009, by Erich Shrefler)
    Each year, as the holiday season rolls around, communities start cracking down on drunk driving. Checkpoints and vigilant law enforcement officers may put you at odds with the law. Even if you only had just a little to drink, you may find your self i...
  • Finding the Right Injury Attorney
    (Sat Nov 14th, 2009, by Jeremiah Brooks)
    If you have been injured in an accident in Knoxville, it's imperative to find an experienced injury barrister. And when you select one, there are plenty of factors to consider.The success of your case will depend on many factors. A skilled attorney c...

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